Would you say we treat our celebrities unfairly when we rush to read content or watch videos about them they would rather no one got to?

Even diehard fans would not resist the latest gossip concerning their favorite idols, because such information usually sounds so sweet, only because it concerns a famous person.

Some shows on TV and blogs run on nothing but celebrity gossip, and such media attracts millions of viewers and readers every day.

Therefore, nearly all celebrities have to hide, almost every minute they are going shopping, spending time with their loved ones, or doing any normal thing all of us do every day.

If celebrities have to hide to do these things, can you imagine the lengths they have to go to protect themselves when doing things they or others consider wrong?

However, since most people would give anything to become rich and famous, the invasion of privacy seems like nothing compared to the advantages that come with becoming a celebrity.

However, some people have become famous simply because they are famous, not because they are good actors, musicians, or entrepreneurs.

These socialites do all they can to attract attention, including releasing indecent tapes and images of themselves online.

Here is a list of celebrities, most of whom are living a gay lifestyle today, who did not want people finding out about their sexual orientation and at one point in time did everything they could to hide it.

Those who came out no longer want to hide their past gay experiences since they freely talk about them, but the others prefer to let the known experiences remain in the past.

1. Kerry Rhodes

How familiar are you with Kerry Rhodes? If you love football, then you know he used to be one of the Arizona Cardinals hardest hitters between 2010 and 2012. The Cardinals released him in 2013, and although some sources claimed the NFL blacklisted him, he confirmed he wasn’t playing anymore because he wanted to pursue other interests including acting and producing.

If you look up Kerry Rhodes online, you will discover he is married to Nicky Whelan, an Australian actress who he got engaged to in 2016 and married this year in April. This, of course, means he is straight, and if you ask him he will undoubtedly say he is.

However, he is on this list because, in 2013, Russell Simpson claimed the two were a couple, and the numerous photos of the two of them on vacation proved something was going on. Russell also shared text messages between him and Rhodes, proving something was definitely going on between these two. This alleged gay past is something Rhodes tried to hide and has completely moved on because he married Nicky.


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