There’s nothing funny about drug abuse. It’s a very serious problem that people have issues with every day.

In fact, it’s something that can overwhelm a person and take down families and, sometimes, can cause a person to die. The allure of disappearing from the complicated world is something that many a normal person cannot resist.

It’s normally only the cost of the drugs that slows down the bad habit. But more often than not, addicts will go bankrupt before they can kick their vice.

Drugs can be bad for people who can’t afford them, but for those who can afford them, they can be downright irresistible. And that’s where the problem really lies, when they’re always affordable and obtainable, celebrities tend to lose control sometimes.

Hollywood is notorious for its partying lifestyle. The rich and famous have always made a meal out of drug and alcohol abuse. So, it should come as no surprise that those in Hollywood sometimes get too attached to various drugs of choice. These drugs can range from the casual to the more intense. Celebrities are no stranger to both the casual and the more extreme use of drugs. There have been many a tragic tale of overdose. Some survive, while others aren’t so lucky. But the one connecting fabric of drug use is that it destroys almost all success and hope of success. Young stars wilt under the pressure of drug use and pay a dear price with the evaporation of their careers and then their health.

Let’s look at some Hollywood careers that have been destroyed by drug use! Here are 15 has-beens that were totally destroyed by drugs.




Charlie Sheen

Oh, Charlie Sheen is definitely NOT “winning.” The actor went from TV’s highest-paid small-screen star to becoming a sad punchline. He evolved into a crushing cautionary tale of ego, drug, use and alcohol abuse, and that’s just scratching the surface. We haven’t even gotten to the prostitutes. It all began during his reign as TV King on the show Two and a Half Men. Sheen got into a VERY public fight with the producer and creator of the hit television show, Chuck Lorre.

The fight abruptly ended Sheen’s run on the show as the world’s biggest television star. Sheen was on his way to drug rehab during the end of the filming of the 8th season of the show and made numerous disparaging remarks about Lorre. This got Sheen fired, and then, the actor went off on a crazy run of rants and complicated issues that would become legendary.


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